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helping mamas choose, celebrate, and cultivate a career they love in marriage and motherhood

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Start your career in motherhood with my free book.

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Mama, are you tired of the 9 to 5? Now you can ditch the daycare bills, rush hour traffic, and office politics! Learn how to quit your job with confidence, live on one income, have a strong marriage and relationship with your children and so much more!

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I’m Tia AND I’M so excited YOU’RE HERE

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I’m a Jesus lover, wife, mama, friend, mentor, and beach enthusiast. This past summer I was blessed to visit six different beaches in Mexico, California, and Florida. I thought I died and went to Heaven. While, I would love to talk to you about beaches all day, that’s not why you’re here. So, let’s turn the tables and talk about you for a bit. Let me see if I got you figured out…

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Choose the career choice of marriage and motherhood and experience faith, freedom, and fulfillment in your role as a wife and mama



A special celebration for mamas as they are recognized, celebrated, and cared for during our annual retreat. Psst…no kids allowed

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Learn how to be a Christ-centered wife and mama through a community training program designed to teach mamas how to have thriving homes

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from mamas like you

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God was nudging my heart for some time to leave my full-time job to begin my journey as a stay at home Mama. I had so many questions and concerns. God knew I needed someone, and He sent me Tia at just the right time. Not only did her program provide answers & comfort, but she also invested her personal time in me while I took this scary leap of faith.
— Melissa W.
I struggled with the mentality that I needed to prove myself and others by gaining a credible degree and working a full-time job. I pushed and pushed to make this happen, but in the midst of my pursuit, I was tired and exhausted. During this time I was introduced to Tia and her program. She was the first woman in my life to give me sound biblical advice about my current situation. She reminded me what the scriptures say about the roles of a wife and a mother. I felt like a weight was lifted from my chest.
— Annie A.
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