Ask Me Anything

Would you like the personalized undivided attention of someone who’s been in your shoes?

You can literally ask me anything about your unique situation regarding leaving the workplace and I will coach you to a reasonable solution.

I’ve Helped Moms in Conflict About:

Returning to work after maternity leave

Living on one income

Financial debt

Overcoming husband’s disapproval of coming home

Fearful of wasting former education and experience

Being the breadwinner

Losing their identity and status

And much more…

This is your opportunity to ask me anything to your heart’s content.

My mission is to help you break-through the fear and doubt preventing you from breaking free from the continual rat-race keeping you stuck.

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How a Ask Me Anything Session Works:


Step 1: Schedule your 1 hour “Ask Me Anything” session

You will schedule your session and fill out a brief application before hand telling me more about your specific situation to maximize our time together during the session.

Businesswoman sleeping with head on hand at the desk. Sleepy girl dozing at workplace. Tired female office worker suffering from lack of sleep. Lazy girl bored routine. After-hours work in office

Step 2: I'll get to know you & what's holding you back

Come prepared to share your heart and break-through the fear and doubt that has prevented you from living the life you were created for as a wife and mother.

Step 3: Get some effective tools to move forward

Gain clarity and hope for your specific situation. No circumstance is impossible. You will learn how you can have freedom, faith, and fulfillment in your role as a wife and mother.


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