Goodbye Workplace. hello Family! Book

God is calling you to something greater than frustration in your home, a struggling marriage, strained relationships with you kids, and never having time to get anything done.

Let's be real here. You simply can't be two places at once--work and home. Yet, you try. Your efforts have left you feeling overwhelm, frustration, and burnout as a wife and mom. But the toll is starting to eat you alive resulting in arguments with your husband, rebellious kids, and a disorganized mess at home. 

The good news is, it doesn't have to be that way. God is calling you to experience His best--His plan for moms. 

Goodbye Workplace. Hello Family! takes you deep inside the heart of most moms (working inside and outside the home) and reveals the inner struggles they face when making the decision to work outside the home. A practical plan on how moms can strategically come home is included!