Based off the revolutionary 4-stage approach of the butterfly


Stage 1

Renew Your Heart and Mind

The battle begins in the mind and that's where we'll start and you'll discover your current worldview and roadblocks you never realized were there that are preventing you from coming home. 


Stage 2

Position Yourself for Transformation

Learn how to place yourself in the best  position for change and transformation by learning how to depend on the Lord through prayer and His Word and how to get your finances in optimal order. 


Stage 3

Nurture Your Inner Struggle 

Let's face it, change is difficult! It's easier to stay stuck in a bad and unhealthy situation than to make positive choices and changes to get out. I will hold your hand through the struggle and help you.


stage 4

Learn to Trust God and Fly 

Get the necessary tools to trust and fly as you emerge into a beautiful butterfly. You will be prepared to make your transition home and given the proper tools, techniques, and tips to stay there.