We are humbled and grateful for the precious women God has blessed us to help bring home. Here's a few of their testimonials.

Let us help you be next!

Thank you for being so instrumental in my transition from the work place to home! I was clueless as to what to do and how to do it. Thanks for giving me practical guidance through this life-changing process. It was well worth it!
— Tiffany Jackson, Former Registered Nurse
I grew up with the mentality that I was going to work full-time and I would never be “that” mom that stays home with her kids. Until I became a mother, I was very wrong about the responsibility that every mother has, and the life-long impact she will make on her family. I struggled with the mentality that I needed to prove myself and others by gaining a credible degree and working a full-time job. I pushed and pushed to make this happen, but in the midst of my pursuit, I was tired and exhausted. During this time I was introduced to Tia and her program. She was the first woman in my life to give me sound biblical advice about my current situation. She reminded me what the scriptures say about the roles of a wife and a mother. I felt like a weight was lifted from my chest. Although, I still struggled with the mental aspect of wanting to go back to work. I was able to biblically inform my conscious of what the scriptures say and what I am biblically called to be for my family. I will forever be grateful for what Tia has taught me and the Godly example she is to me of walking in godliness and living a life for Christ.
— Annie Aleman, Former Commercial Sales Representative
God was nudging my heart for some time to leave my full-time job to begin my journey as a stay at home Mama. I had so many questions and concerns. God knew I needed someone, and He sent me Tia at just the right time. Not only did [her program] provide answers & comfort, but she also invested her personal time in me while I took this scary leap of faith. Her prayers, her insights, her knowledge of Truth helped me tremendously. Now I am nearly 3 years into this journey, and I still reflect on God’s promises for my life that Tia helped me to remember. God has worked in our lives in unbelievable ways these last 3 years. I am so grateful for His faithfulness and for sending Tia into my life to provide a much needed resource as I took those first steps.
— Melissa Wight, Former Teacher
I wanted to let you know that some moms are doing a small study on motherhood and Elizabeth H. is a part of it. We met yesterday and she mentioned how she was always planning on being a working woman, but you were the one who encouraged her to think and pray about being a stay-at-home mom. Your story of working and realizing you needed to stay at home was a huge encouragement and God really used that to make her rethink her who plan of continuing to work. Just wanted to encourage you with that. Thanks for pushing her in that direction!
— Jaime Olivastro, At-Home-Mom