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I’m Tia AND I’M so excited YOU’RE HERE

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I’m a Jesus lover, wife, mama, friend, mentor, and beach enthusiast. This past summer I was blessed to visit six different beaches in Mexico, California, and Florida. I thought I died and went to Heaven. While, I would love to talk to you about beaches all day, that’s not why you’re here. So, let’s turn the tables and talk about you for a bit. Let me see if I got you figured out…

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Choose the career choice of marriage and motherhood and experience faith, freedom, and fulfillment in your role as a wife and mama



A special celebration for mamas as they are recognized, celebrated, and cared for during our annual retreat. Psst…no kids allowed

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Learn how to be a Christ-centered wife and mama through a community training program designed to teach mamas how to have thriving homes