True Femininity

True Femininity is Bold...

as it stands boldly for what is righteous and true against a wicked and perverse generation that strives to get rid of our true identity.

When women lay hold of their femininity we send the world a strong bold message that we won't compromise our womanhood.

True Femininity is Brave...

as it goes completely against this world's cultural standard for women.

The new normal is for women to act like men; therefore, women who uphold their womanhood demonstrate true courage through their brave actions.

True Femininity is Beautiful...

as women beautifully display the difference between a man and woman by our character and confidence in Christ.

I love nothing more than to see a woman displaying a gentle and quiet spirit with confidence in Christ. I think we all have seen the opposite...there's nothing pretty or beautiful about it.

True Femininity is Becoming...

as women live out the role designed for them it is both proper and fitting for a lost and dark world to see us complementing our Creator's perfect ideal of a woman. It is appealing and attractive.

When I see women displaying true femininity I stop, smile and send God praise for such a gift.

True Femininity is Biblical...

as God gave us many biblical examples to follow.

I love thinking back on Hannah, Abigail, Anna and Mary. They are great examples of true femininity as they understood their role and used it well to serve God and/or their husbands.

For His Glory!