What Kind of Home are You Building?

We as women love to build up our homes and make them look beautiful and inviting. Any doubt? Just take one look at Pinterest. We are addicted to shows like Fixer Upper and channels like HGTV. While there is nothing wrong with making our homes aesthetically pleasing, we must be careful that our focus isn’t misleading. Proverbs 14:1 tells us that, “The wise woman builds her house, but the foolish pulls it down with her hands.” Now, I’m pretty confident that God isn’t concerned with how beautiful a woman’s home is structurally or physically as much as He is concerned about the spiritual state of the souls contained therein.

As women, we have been gifted to set the tone for our homes. So, let me ask you this…what kind of home are you building? What is the tone for those who dwell within? What do your husband and children see, hear, and feel?

A place of warmth and love for the Word of God?


A place of individualism and lack of God’s presence and guidance?

or is it…

A place of forgiveness and repentance when mistakes happen?


A place of harsh yelling and punishment?

or is it…

A place of peace and contentment?


A place of arguing and strife?

or is it…

A place of building up and edification?


Tearing down others and elevating yourself?


Dear friend, be intentional about the kind of home you’re building every day. It can take years to build up your home and only seconds to destroy it. Be the wise woman who pours her life into her family and fears the Lord. For without the fear of God none of this is possible.

Make your home a place where God’s Word and Christ are exalted. A home where your children feel loved. A home where your children have boundaries and security. A home where your husband has a place of refuge from the bitter harsh world after a long day away at work. A home where your marriage reflects the gospel. A home where Christ is at the center. A home where you freely minister to others.


A home where a wise woman dwells.

For His Glory,