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Dear Mama…

How are you? I mean really, how are you? Why do I ask? Well, you see, there was a time in my life when I would’ve answered that question like this, “I’m great, seriously, I am blessed.”

“We have everything we need so I can’t complain!” Let’s get real for a second, I really didn’t have everything I needed—not even close. I didn’t realize that at the time my life was way below sub-par.

Walk with me down memory lane.

One afternoon 8 years ago, on what seemed like an ordinary day, wasn’t very ordinary for me. I sat on my bed and stared at a bottle of pills. At the time, this was no normal bottle of pills. In my mind, this bottle represented freedom.

Freedom from a horrible marriage, freedom from the neglect I was showing my children, freedom from the guilt of wanting to be at work more than home, freedom from having to face all of the time I lost seeking my own desires.

All I had to do was consume this bottle of pills and I would have it—freedom.

I made my mind up. I got a tall glass of water, wrote my goodbye letter, and I was interrupted by a phone call from my teenage son telling me he needed a ride home. Suddenly, my trance-like state was broken.

I was doing it all over again! I was putting myself first! After that day, things took a serious turn. I would no longer allow my absence of mind, body, and spirit to take priority in my life or my family’s lives.

I needed a transformation and a big one! You can not simply snap out of a lifestyle as the one I was in.

I made ¾ of the income. I was the breadwinner. I pulled rank in my home.

I did what I wanted to do because I worked hard and earned the right to do so. Right? Wrong! Now do you see why I needed a transformation? I didn’t even see how wrong my thinking was until the Lord allowed my eyes to be opened to the life He designed for me all along.

What about you dear mama? Let me ask you the question again. How are you really? Your situation may not be as dramatic as mine since we all have our unique stories but the question still remains. Are you fulfilling your purpose?

Do you have the energy, time, and strength to carry out your mission as a wife and mama?

That is what a true transformation brings. I thought pills would give me freedom from my never-ending cycle of misery, when in fact freedom was simply embracing what I was called to do—not for myself, but for those I was to love, nurture, and care for with everything I am, my whole-being.

I was living the “American Nightmare” with the 12-hour work days, the missed children’s activities, the weak marriage, the continual cycle of wash, rinse, repeat of my life on auto-pilot, day in and day out.

I was winning at work, but I was a losing in my home.

I was a fraud, an impostor, a fake. I knew at any moment I would be found out. I could only keep wearing the mask for so long. My friends at church thought everything was okay, and it wasn’t—far from it.

If this resonates with you even a little bit, explore what the Lord may be trying to tell you. You see, I didn’t realize it then the way I do now. You must be honest with the question, how are you really?

Am I claiming perfection? No, I am a work in progress. I am however, claiming a willingness to change and allow God’s all transforming power to make me a new creation for Him and my family!

Mama, I want that for you, too.

Because there’s never been a more important time than right now to come home to care for your family.

Trust me, you’re not getting any younger and your children keep getting older. Already, I feel the loss and deep disconnect families have for each other and God, I mourn the absence of strong healthy marriages, I am deeply saddened at the vast number of Christians who are apathetic to it all.

How would your life change if you acted on that nudge to leave the workplace to reclaim what truly matters in your life?

Are you willing to embark upon a journey, your personal journey, of exploring your true purpose here on earth through marriage and motherhood?


Will you join me?


To begin your transformation, connect with our community and interact with me personally. Experience a world of possibilities with the book that started it all. Learn how to practically rebuild your family and experience a personal metamorphosis. For that special soul that needs a personal touch, I’ve created something special just for you with my 1:1 mentoring program.

I truly desire to connect with you as you are being changed from the inside out.

Come, let’s embrace God’s beauty of marriage and motherhood together because your family needs that special care that only you can give 💕.