The Mission:

Your mission should you choose to accept it is to learn the proven strategies and solutions to quit working outside the home so you can care for those you love the most inside your home in four weeks or less.

Please select each tab below to get an in depth look at how the program will help you accomplish your mission.

We Get You

We Understand...


Working full-time outside the home while being a full-time mom inside the home can be downright difficult.

Stressed business woman

You enjoy your job and need to contribute to your household financially, but feel like you are missing out on what really matters—your family.

Long days at work leave you exhausted and barely able to care for your family at the end of the day giving your family the leftovers.

Not only are your children suffering from separation anxiety, but you also feel stressed when dropping your little one(s) off at daycare.

The mommy guilt you try to silence keeps growing so you work harder to suppress it.

You desire to come home but don’t know where to begin or what to do.

You are afraid to leave your job—your security.

You are discouraged due to a failed attempt to come home in the past and terrified to try again.

You are experiencing bitterness and resentment toward your husband who won’t allow you to come home.


That’s where the Metamorphosis program steps in and provides you with the faith and confidence to leave the workplace, restore your family, and revive your marriage allowing you to become the beautiful wife and mom you were designed to be.


Just imagine waking up each morning to enjoy meaningful and satisfying work right inside your home with the ones you love the most


No longer having to endure the exhaustion of working two full-time jobs


Having the ability to decide what’s best for your children instead of your designated care-giver.


Getting the opportunity to fulfill your God-given role as your husband’s help-meet by managing your home well, having orderly well behaved children, and fresh meal preparation


Having an inner peace knowing you are positively contributing to the eternal state of your children


Become the Proverbs 31 and Titus 2 woman you desire to be


But today, you’ve lost who you used to be and aren’t sure who you’re becoming.


You feel an innate sense that something is wrong. But, can’t put your finger on it. So you keep drudging through the daily grind. Wash-rinse-repeat!

It’s difficult to feel like a good mom when you are stuck in survival mode. Suppressing mommy guilt can lead to depression, resentment, and regret.

Time is short, and motherhood is even shorter. You only have a few years to influence and impact your children for a better tomorrow.

Woman exhausted her life
Program Highlights

Inside the Metamorphosis Program


You will find a revolutionary four-stage approach to help working moms like you ditch the mom guilt, feelings of overwhelm, and false ideologies that are keeping you stuck in the workplace:


Stage One

Renew Your Mind

We help you see and understand from a biblical worldview God’s role for moms


Stage Two

Position Yourself for Transformation

We provide you with financial resources and templates to better understand your economic condition to take action

We show you how to set goals, and communicate your plan to come home with confidence to your husband


Stage Three

Nurture Your Inner Struggle

We encourage you through the struggle of making the transition a reality so you can experience true faith, fulfillment, and freedom


Stage Four

Learn to Trust and Fly

We provide a safe place with like-minded moms who share the same goal to leave their workplace where you can share and enjoy community together during your journey, and much more


The Metamorphosis Program is all about helping you become the wife and mom you really desire to be.

We will help you identify what a supermom is and isn’t.

We will help you see and understand your value in the home and why it is so critical in our day and age.

You will better comprehend your purpose and why God has designed moms to be working in the home instead of outside.

We will work on your confidence to say "Goodbye Workplace. Hello Family!" and support you every step of the way.

We will help you respect and cherish the most important relationship you have on earth—your husband.

We will show you why your children need a full-time mom and the impact when you’re not there.


The Metamorphosis Program offers you a full comprehensive training package that will prepare you for one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever face—leaving the workplace. You will be able to stand firmly on a biblical framework that will provide you with the tools necessary to come home to care for your family.

You don’t have to experience this difficult decision alone. Instead go through your journey with moms who understand right where you are. Moms who will help support you. Moms who won’t judge or condemn.

Experience a total metamorphosis by renewing your mind, positioning yourself in the best place for transformation to occur, giving yourself permission to go through the struggle, learning to trust God, and finding the freedom to fly as you become the beautiful wife and mother you were meant to be.

Happy family lying down on bed at home

Coming Home Is Difficult. Staying There is Even More Difficult!


Have you tried to be a "stay at home mom" and feel like you failed? Maybe you were miserable and decided to return to back to the workplace?

We will help you prepare for those difficult days of doubt ahead.

We will provide you with the financial resources and savings goals to alleviate the challenge of living on one income.

You will obtain alternatives to full-time work outside of your home, along with legitimate part-time work from home and entrepreneurial opportunities without sacrificing your values or your family.

Our supportive community will provide you with meaningful relationships with like-minded moms, camaraderie, and connectedness.


In the Metamorphosis Program, you will be heard and understood

You no longer have to whisper your desire to be at home with your family in fear of a cultural backlash. You will have the freedom to share your insights, thoughts, fears, and position with others who share your same passion and mission.

You have something important to say and we want to hear it!


Learn from a friend and coach who understands...

As a busy working mom who committed over 70 hours a week to my employer, I get your feelings of stress and overwhelm trying to manage it all.

I couldn’t—though I tried.

So, I get it, I get you…and understand exactly where you’re coming from.

I placed my family on the altar for fifteen years under the guise of success while pursuing my career goals and ambitions.

I made ¾ of the household income and made the decision to let it all go to find the family I was losing.

It was one of the best decisions of my life!

Was it easy? Absolutely not! But, it was oh so worth it!

I didn’t have the support or resources available today through a program like this. But, that’s why I created this program—I created it for you, to walk alongside of you every step of the way. You are not alone.

Our passion is to help women live a life for God that brings faith, fulfillment, and freedom.

Our mission is to help moms experience true joy and freedom in motherhood and marriage by eliminating mommy guilt, overwhelm, and feeling stuck in your current work situation.

We accomplish this by helping moms discover their true God-given purpose and provide the tools to see their purpose come to life.

African mother with happy baby

The Metamorphosis Program is for you if you desire to transform into the beautiful wife and mother you’ve always dreamed you’d become.


You want to cultivate the inner woman yearning to break-free from the bondage of corporate and career.

You value family life and believe you have been missing out on the important formative years of your children.

You desire to connect with other like-minded women on the same journey.

You don’t want your current circumstances to dictate your future, but instead want to position yourself in the best place to serve your family.

You want to know how to thrive in your home and feel a sense of empowerment and fulfillment while doing so.

You believe you were created for more—your purpose here on earth.

You desire to be a part of your children’s life by shaping and informing who they become.

You no longer want fear and finances to get in the way of what God is calling you to do.


Is this you?

You are on maternity leave and having difficulty parting ways with your new precious baby as you return back to work?

Your job is interfering with your marriage and how much time you get to spend with your husband?

Your house is an unorganized hot mess and you struggle to keep it clean?

You aren't experiencing faith, fulfillment, and freedom in your life as a wife and mom?

You have tried to leave the workplace in the past only to find yourself right back in the continual rat race?

You are on the brink of a breakdown trying to be a superhero mom only to realize you don't have any superpowers?

The Bottom Line

Are You Ready to Let Go and Fly?

Beautiful woman enjoying her freedom with arms open

Let us coach you through the four-stage journey of your metamorphosis and this is what you’ll receive in return:


  • A comprehensive four-week program designed to transform lives ($299 value)

    • Experience hope as you embark upon a journey to find your way home. We will teach you how to care for the little people inside your home instead of the big people on the outside. Your worldview will be challenged, your current mindset explored, and your marriage and motherhood assessed.


  • Live group coaching and live Q&A conducted via webinar and teleconference* ($199 value)

    • You will get live full access to your friend and mentor, Tia over the four-week program. She will walk you through several key concepts and offer a live Q&A session to answer your personal questions and concerns. *Live group coaching and Q&A sessions are only available in the “Community Based” option


  • Personalized budget and savings goal templates (customized for leaving the workplace) ($79 value)

    • No more fear over your finances. You will know your exact financial condition and start work toward a savings plan.


  • Custom goal worksheets for leaving the workplace ($39 value)

    • We help you set realistic goals and assist you in developing your time-frame to make the big transition.


  • Communication Plan ($59 value)

    • Struggling with how to deliver your desire to your hubby? This communication plan allows you to convey your strategy and plan in a clear and concise format resulting in a higher approval rate and positive reaction.


  • Two convenient flexible options to go through the program (Independent Based or Community Based)

    • Independent Based is for the busy working mom who wants access to the program content all at once allowing a study at your own pace experience. Live coaching and Q&A is only available in the community based option.

    • Community Based is for the working mom who wants to experience this journey with others and will complete the program on a schedule taking the program at a slower pace to prevent overwhelm. One week will be released at a time and all the moms enrolled in the program will complete each week together. You will have a full week to complete the program content.


  • Lifetime access to the program (priceless)

    • As a busy working mom, we understand your time is at a premium. Therefore, we want this program to be a blessing to you, not a burden. Take as much time to complete the program as you need. If taking the Community Based program you will go through four weeks together with your community and then have life access to revisit any of the subject material.


  • Wisdom and mentoring from Author and coach, Tia Stabenow along with access to an exclusive community as a graduate alumni of the program. Best part, this community is held outside of Facebook for a streamlined distraction free environment and for those who may not be fans of social media ($199 value)

    • Don’t enroll in “The School of Hard Knocks”. Learn from Tia’s mistakes and set yourself on the best footing possible to succeed in your transition to leave the workplace.

    • Join a positive community of moms helping moms during a difficult season of life. Don’t go it alone. Let us embrace you and walk alongside you as you step into the realm of uncertainty and the unknown.


  • Bonus: My gift to you ($99 value)

    • Get a personalized prayer journal specific to your journey of coming home.

    • Receive a Metamorphosis journal to capture your transformation and journey in writing.

    • Obtain a list of alternatives to working full-time outside your home, and part-time work from home jobs and business opportunities to help supplement your income during your transition.


  • Metamorphosis Alumni Program ($129 value)

    • Alumni of the program who successfully transition from the workplace to their home space will receive a special package that includes: An exclusive t-shirt, mug, tote, and more goodies designed specifically for moms who make the leap of faith.


Two Affordable Options to Choose From:


Option #1

(Independent Based)

Get access to the program one lesson at a time over four weeks and complete at your own pace. Perfect for those who can't wait for the next class to start and want to start their transformation right away.

Option #2

(Community Based)

Be led through this program with Author and Coach, Tia Stabenow through live coaching sessions and interaction. In addition, you will complete this program with a group of like-minded moms with the same mission. All moms start at the same time and move through the program together. Perfect for the mom who thrives on community and desires to have more involved live personal coaching.

Please note: Only the Community Based program offers live webinars and Q&A sessions.


Independent Based

($941 Value)



Community Based

($1141 Value)




Start Your Transformation Now!



Frequently Asked Questions


How long will I have access?

Forever! Once you've enrolled and completed the program, you'll have access to the content for as long as you need.

Is this a religious program?

Great question! This program is delivered from a Christian perspective, and woven in the fabric of the program are Christian principles using the Bible as the authority. Therefore, Christianity will be assumed.

This program is not simply about saying goodbye to the workplace. But, most importantly, encouraging moms to heed the commands of scripture. Outside of Christ, that just isn't possible.

However, all people from different walks of life and backgrounds are welcome and encouraged to enroll if you understand the perspective and objective of this program as stated above.

How will the content be delivered?

This course will be delivered in a very engaging format utilizing videos, handouts, lessons, surveys, assessments, and live webinars*. You can think of it as an online conference, but spread out over four-weeks.

*Live webinars are in the Community Based program only

Are there any supplies required?

Yes, you will need a printer, ½ binder with a clear cover, and a 3-hole punch or sheet protectors.

How much time will I need to invest each week?

That will vary based on your learning style and the pace at which you review the program. The average mom invests 30 minutes each day or less.

Which program is the right one for me?

The Independent Program was designed for the mom who needs quick access to the program. Maybe you can’t wait for the next class to begin due to schedule limitations. You will still get personal interaction* with Author and Coach, Tia Stabenow. In addition, you will have the support of an exclusive community post-graduation from the program. You will also have support and interaction from moms like you who have already completed the program or in the process of completing the program based on current enrollment.

The Community Based Option is perfect for the mom who thrives on community and would rather complete the program with a group of like-minded moms on a mission. You look forward to having weekly interaction and dialogue. You also see the value of having your friend and mentor, Tia, walk you personally through this program with live coaching and feedback.

*The Independent Program doesn’t offer live coaching. All communication will be via the program interactive discussion prompts and email.

What if I'm not satisfied after I enroll?

Honestly, we would be really bummed. But, please note that due to the nature of digital products we are unable to offer refunds once purchased. For additional information see our refund policy below.

Thank you for understanding :)

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send us an email to



Boring, but important legal stuff we have to let you know:

Enrolling in this program means you understand and agree to the following:

I am not any of the following: agent, therapist, lawyer, publicist, financial planner, physician, or any other registered professional. Coaching IS NOT: directive advice, counseling, or therapy. Coaching may address your: goals, specific projects, or general circumstances in your life and/or profession.

You, the client, are 100% responsible for your progress and results from the program. There are no representations, warranties, or guarantees regarding your performance. That is up to none other than YOU and you understand results experienced by each individual may vary significantly.

All information provided by you will be kept strictly confidential as permissible by law.

Full payment for the entire program is expected to be fulfilled by the client regardless of whether you complete the program. No refunds will be issued.

The material given in this program is proprietary and owned by Goodbye Workplace. Hello Family! LLC. It is created and specifically for your own individual use. Disclosure to a third party is strictly prohibited.

For more information, please read our disclaimer and terms of use or refund policy.