Program Outline

Preliminary Preparation

  1. Watch: Welcome

  2. Take Action: Program Theme Song/Verse

  3. Watch: Program Overview

  4. Reflect: My Personal Metamorphosis

Week One: The Egg/Renew Your Mind

  1. Watch: A New Birth

  2. Watch: The Power of the Mind

  3. Points to Ponder: Your Super Powers

  4. Points to Ponder: Power Reset

  5. Points to Ponder: Worldview #1

  6. Points to Ponder: Worldview #2

  7. Discussion: Should Stay-at-Home Moms Be Illegal

  8. Watch: What You Believe Matters

  9. Reflect: Renew Your Mind

  10. Take Action: Time to Get a Little Uncomfortable

  11. Connect: Thriving Thursday Group Coaching Call

Week Two: The Caterpillar/Position Yourself for Transformation

  1. Watch: Position Yourself for Transformation Introduction

  2. Watch: Prayer

  3. Points to Ponder: Effective Ways to Pray

  4. Take Action: The Importance of Prayer

  5. Watch: Time to Consume God's Word

  6. Points to Ponder: Whose Word Do You Believe

  7. Watch: Dollars and 'Sense'

  8. Take Action: Your Custom Budget Framework

  9. Take Action: A Closer Look

  10. Watch: Finances - Fear or Faith

  11. Take Action: Savings Plan

  12. Points to Ponder: No "Debt" About It

  13. Connect: Thriving Thursday Group Coaching Call

  14. Milestone: Something Special

Week Three: The Chrysalis/Nurture Your Inner Struggle

  1. Watch Now: The Struggle is Real

  2. Watch Now: Purpose

  3. Points to Ponder: What's Your Purpose

  4. Watch Now: Timing is Everything

  5. Take Action: Time to Take Action

  6. Reflect: Time to Laugh...or Cry

  7. Take Action: Goal Setting is Vital

  8. Watch Now: It's Time to Talk

  9. Take Action: Communication Plan

  10. Take Action: A Little Direction

  11. Feedback: How Did You Do?

  12. Connect: Thriving Thursday Group Coaching Call

Week Four: The Butterfly/Learn to Trust and Fly

  1. Watch Now - The Transformation

  2. Points to Ponder: Encouragement for the Difficult Days

  3. Watch Now: Reflections of a Master Artisan

  4. Points to Ponder: When Waiting Hurts

  5. Watch Now: Are You Ready to Spread Your Wings and Fly

  6. Connect: Checking in...

  7. Connect: Thriving Thursday Group Coaching Call

Ready for Flight

  1. Watch Now: Program Wrap-up

  2. Feedback: A Penny for Your Thoughts

  3. Take Action: Program Resources and Reminders

  4. Bonus: A Gift for You

  5. Watch Now: Brief Bonus Update