Tia Stabenow

Tia is an engaging Christian speaker who knows how to connect with, charge, and call to action her audience. She focuses on creating an experience that won’t just last the length of the conference but for a lifetime. As a former Assistant Vice President and Business Consultant, Tia knows what it takes to motivate women and get results. She doesn’t just speak from her head but also her heart as her passion is contagious and inspiring. Her marriage of 23+ years and raising four children that range from tiny tots to teens to twenty-somethings has given Tia real life experience and wisdom when it comes to marriage and family. Marriage and Motherhood is her choice career and she loves speaking and teaching others about the mission, model, and mandates.

Speaking Topics:

Make Motherhood Great Again

As motherhood becomes more marginalized, Tia, makes an unapologetic plea for moms to not give in to the cultural pressure of feminism and gender equality. She makes a passionate plea for moms to make motherhood great again by standing on the Word of God and raising up the next generation to advance the kingdom of God. Revealed will be the impact made on the church and family when the culture creeps into our pulpits and living rooms unnoticed. Her charge will be to turn from the false ideologies and philosophies of this world to the Word of God to make motherhood great again!

Motherhood Matters

Raising mature and responsible children for the glory of God isn’t accidental but intentional. Parents must have a strategy and a plan. Mothers give life to souls that live forever. That’s a high calling that can’t be abdicated. Instead, Tia, speaks on the impact mothers make and how they can embrace their God-given role and find joy no matter the season of life. She also challenges mothers to examine if they’re aiming for Heaven or Harvard for their children and how they can aim for both all to the glory of God.

Helping Moms Find Their Way Home

Based on the book, Goodbye Workplace. Hello Family!, Tia, makes a passionate plea and provides a strategic solution for how moms can have the courage, confidence, and conviction to leave the workplace to start rebuilding their marriages and families. Delivered in an interactive format, Tia, shares her proven plan that brought her home after making 3/4 of the household income. Included topics are: Prayer, Persistence, Purpose, Planning, and Patience. Provided are actual budget and savings worksheets, assessments, timelines, goals, and a communication plan. Participants will leave with a plan they can execute immediately and practical helps to make the transition.

Other Speaking Topics Include:

Contentment in a Discontent World, Trusting God When the Forecast is Bleak, Waiting on the Lord, and Marriage God’s Way.

Additional topics available upon request.

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