Sound Familiar?

  • You're on maternity leave and conflicted on going back to work

  • Your children spend more time away from you than with you

  • You’re missing the best years of your marriage and children

  • You’re weak, weary, and worn from working outside the home

  • You're greatly torn between your career and your children

  • Your desire is to come home, but have debt and bills to pay

  • You're unable to see how you can survive off one income

  • You're afraid your husband will never agree to let you come home


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Are You?

  • Longing for a life of faith, fulfillment, and FREEDOM

  • Looking for a total family transformation

  • Need help and a practical plan to make coming home a reality

  • Tired and exhausted from working outside of your home

  • Wanting to see your marriage thrive instead of barely survive

  • Desiring to spend more time with your child(ren)


Inside You'll Discover:

  • How to experience true fulfillment as a wife & mom

  • How to enjoy the freedom you were created for

  • How to rebuild lost relationships with your loved ones

  • How to understand the importance of your role

  • How to live a life of no regrets

  •  A biblical worldview

  •  How to take back the years the locusts have eaten

  •  Hope for a hurting heart

  •  Personal stories from real struggling moms

  •  A plan to make your desire of coming home a reality

  • Answers to obstacles and objections


Available in Kindle and Paperback!